What’s UP

Just wanted to create a site where we can talk fantasy.  I will be giving updates on my leagues, advice, and information.  I will post articles from yahoo or espn fantasy writers and comment on their post feel free to post your own opinion and make fun of mine (I am just a man).

  1. broke and ugly says:

    Not a bad team. Not alot of speed but tons of potential. I like the Belt kid out of SF better than Freeman.

    • mixmastermw says:

      Yeah we will see I am big on waivers so I move a lot of guys. I don’t have the speed guy but sprinkle in wright victorino tourist etc the match a top speed guy

  2. broke and ugly says:

    Trade Kendrick and Morneau for another first baseman and some pitching. Target field is not a good home run park and Gardy’s going to give to many days off to Morneau to get consistant numbers over the year. Kendricks’s value is high and he worth somethin now…….soon to show true mediocre self soon………. OR……. instead of a first baseman slide Posey to first and pick up the catcher from Toronto Acencibia (or however its spelled)

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