Which Steeler?

Posted: October 30, 2011 in General

With Hines Ward out two WR step out of the shadow and could post big fantasy numbers, Emanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown.  Sanders gets the start here, but Brown may be the better play.  Brown has almost been utilized as another Mike Wallace so expect a deep bomb or two to go his way.  With those deep throws look for a td as well.  It seems obvious to assume the Patriots vs Steelers matchup will be a shootout, experience shows that this could be a 17-10 as opposed to a 34-31 game.  Hearing a lot of comparisons between Cam Newton and Tim Tebow relating to fantasy.  In my opinion it’s not even close because of Newton’s ability to throw the ball.  Tebow will get his fantasy stats maybe 100 yards passing and 60 yds rushing a TD in each category which leads to about 20 points or the equivalent of a a 300 yd passing game with 2 tds.  My fantasy issue with Tebow is he is a selfish fantasy player.  Throwing for sub 100 yard games kills any WR threat Denver has, and the running game gets shutdown because Tebow dominates not only the redzone but also between the 20’s.  Tebow does not make any teammate better where Newton at least make the receiving core of the Panthers playable.  The redzone situation in Carolina is still the same.


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