Bye Bye Pats/Hello Cowboys

Posted: October 22, 2011 in General

This is for all those fantasy owners celebrating their luck of the draw for not having to face Brady, Welker, and company in a scheduling advantage this week.  Sad news out of Detroit is that Jahvid Best is being encouraged to miss the rest of the season with concussion symptoms.  The Lions tried to help their situation by bringing in Ronnie Brown, but the deal was voided due to Jerome Harrison’s health.  Brown most likely would have a decent play in Detroit, but for now he is still relegated to the bench in Philadelphia avg just under 6 yds a game.  Maurice Morris for now will be the starter in Detroit I wouldn’t expect miracles here he has never avg more than 50 yds a game, and that was years ago.  Most likely scenario is Detroit just passes more.  i would look into picking up another backup instead if they are still available such as Jackie Battle, Demarco Murray, or Earnest Graham.  Exciting news out of San Diego Gates is back listed as questionable for this weekends game and practicing on Friday.  Gates owners have had a tough pick to chew on knowing the injury risk/reward of Gates.  When he plays he is the best, but the games played continues to diminish.  Fantasy “shocker” of the week looking for the Cowboys to roll up some big numbers on the Rams this includes Romo, Bryant, Austin, Whitten, Murray, and their Defense.  It is the old start’em all advice.


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