Posted: October 11, 2011 in General

Tebow is the hot topic this week, but rabid fans will have to wait until after the bye week for their savior to come.  My advice on Tebow if you don’t have a QB get him, QB has a bye week 7 or 8 get him, if you do have a QB maybe look at picking up something more useful than a backup quarterback.  Looking at rankings for most leagues Tebow should not be started over Brees, Brady, Romo, Rodgers, Rivers, Newton, Stafford, Vick, Schaub, and Roethlesberger.  So that is 10 QB’s now it could be argued that Tebow shouldn’t start over Eli Manning, Ryan, and Fitzpatrick.  In a 12 team league that covers most starting QB’s leaving Tebow in line for a top backup spot in most leagues comparable to Flacco, Hasselbeck, Freeman, and Cutler not bad for an average NFL QB, but in fantasy there shouldn’t be too much hype on picking up a good backup QB for your already good QB.  Trade chip wise he is an asset no doubt, but like I said earlier looking to stock your bench doesn’t really help your scoring output.  Guys that can make a possible immediate impact as a starting wr, rb, te, or flex should be given more consideration those names include Doug Baldwin, Jake Ballard, Benjamin Watson, Steve Breaston, Darius Heyward-Bey, Kendal hunter, Delone Carter, and Jackie Battle (all players owned in less than 25% of fantasy leagues).  So just like in real life Tebow won’t lead you to a championship, but he does make fantasy football more exciting.


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