Making Moves

Posted: October 8, 2011 in General

Bye week season is upon us, and opportunity is there to upgrade your team.  On draft day most overlook bye week which is smart when drafting.  You don’t want one week to pre determine your draft strategy, but once your roster is in place it is helpful to plan ahead.  Your bench comes in handy for two reasons here.  The obvious one is replacements for bye week players, but your bench should also be used to take advantage of other owners who have byes and set yourself up fr the long run.  Look at teams in your league that are 1-3 and 0-4 they have to win now so scooping up a better player on a bye from them is easier when offering a bench player they can fill their roster spot with for the week. Owners with opposite records 4-0 and 3-1 will also be looking to improve therefore more willing to trade so the time is right to strike a deal.


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