Injury Bug

Posted: September 26, 2011 in General

For some of you it’s down to Monday night and some big ifs.  Tony Romo, Felix Jones, and Dez Bryant are all heavily owned fantasy commodities that may play on Monday night.  If you had a sufficient replacement it was recommended to go with the safer option that plays on Sunday just in case you go with the big zero on Monday night if they don’t play.  Right now it looks like Romo and Bryant should play especially with Miles Austin already ruled out.  So we spoke of the safe strategy, but if you are a gambler like myself before roster moves shut down I picked up Rex Grossman to swap in if Romo is ruled out.  Grossman is nowhere near Romo’s equal, but the strategy can pay off.  Looks like Kenny Britt’s promising season as a premier WR is down for the count, bump up Nate Washington and clear an IR spot for Britt.  Peyton Manning has been ruled out for the rest of the year so it looks like a long season for Colt fans and fantasy owners invested in Colts.  He is not on the injury report, but something has to be wrong with Chris Johnson he looks bad and continues to post 1st half stat lines like 7 carries for 8 yards.  I have never had the privilege of being a CJ owner, glad I am not now, and another owner to feel sorry for.


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