Posted: September 17, 2011 in General

It has been a little bit since my last post, I’ve been on a little hiatus doing hiatus things.  Sorry to disappoint my four readers.  Anyways digging a little deeper into keeper leagues Devone Bess is the epitome of a mediocre regular fantasy football player who shines in the PPR format.  His percentage owned has risen in the last week due to his solid in any league performance of 5 catches for 92 yards (He should have had a touchdown that was ruled down at the one inch line).  Bess is a lock for 70 receptions most likely 80 and is only owned in half of the leagues.  He may only get 700-800 yards and a meager 4 tds, but if you move his fantasy points around he is a 50 reception 1000 yd receiver with 6 tds he just scores his points differently than others because his primary weapon is the quantity of looks he gets and safety valves he provides for Chad Henne.  Henne wasn’t too shabby in his QB duel with Tom Brady.  it was a record-breaking week for 300 yd and 400 yd passers, Henne was one of the 400 yard passers.  Look for Henne to have to play at that pace again as the Dolphins are forced to play catch up with the potent Texans offense.


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