Posted: September 2, 2011 in General

Lately I have been considering starting a non-profit organization to help finance underprivileged souls who want to play fantasy football.  With a small donation of $3 dollars a month you can provide a future fantasy owner with the delight of running a team during fantasy football season.  Fantasy Scholarships will be based on a need based assessment to determine how much you need to purchase a spot in your league.  Not only will this benefit the player impacted by the financial hardships of playing fantasy football, but also the league he/she is involved.  This eliminates the stress of commissioner who do everything in their power to extract funds from non compliant owners.  Some may say if you can’t afford the $20, $50, or $100 buy-in then don’t play.  Well here at LetThemPlay.org we want to give everybody the advantage other owner have had in saving $2.50 a month to afford their $30 football buy-in.  Yes this will eliminate the weekly emails that go on for months at a time asking owners to pay their dues.  For some reason it is easier to get a stranger to pay you for an item purchased on ebay than it is to get a friend to pay their $50 league dues that happen at the exact same time every year.  Another plus is after the season is over there won’t be league champion who go without their prize money because owners haven’t paid.  Sad, but this happen all over the world every year.  This tragedy must come to an end.  I would like to hear your stories success and failures of owners not paying their dues.


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