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Posted: September 28, 2011 in General

It’s a week early, but savvy fantasy owners make moves before the competition.  Week 5 byes include the Cowboys, Ravens, Browns, Dolphins, Redskins, and Rams.  The first two teams on the list have heavily used fantasy options that owners will have to replace.  Bernard Scott is the man to target with Cedric Benson’s pending 3 game suspension, though it looks like he will play while the appeal process goes through in week 4.  Scott should get the bulk of the carries shared with Brian Leonard, but Scott’s big play ability makes him an enticing option to own.  He will also score points in the passing game especially in PPR leagues.  Another intriguing add is Steven Ridley of the Patriots averaging 5.9 yds per rush this season.  Nobody in the backfield has put up starter worthy numbers in the Pats pass happy scheme, but this preseason darling had his best game last week with 6 rushes for 42 yards and an 8 yard reception he should be good for 8-10 touches a game.


Hot Waiver

Posted: September 27, 2011 in General

Every week it seems like some unknown unowned player goes off for a big fantasy day week 3 was no exception two backup wide receivers went big for their respective teams.  Torrey Smith and Victor Cruz parlayed starting opportunities into big fantasy days.  The crazy thing is both guys only had 3 and 5 receptions yet Cruz turned in 110 yds and 2 tds while Smith turned his 5 receptions into 152 yds and 3 touchdowns.  Smith started for the injured Lee Evans and Cruz played in place of Mario Manningham (Nicks is banged up and Hixon is on IR as well).  Moving forward these guys are both spot starters with the potential for more if they can unseat their replacements.  For next week I like Cruz over Smith based on his matchup at Arizona while Smith has to face the Jets.  interesting to keep an eye on these two.  it is quite possible that they are one week wonders and just fizzle out, but you have to gamble sometimes.

Injury Bug

Posted: September 26, 2011 in General

For some of you it’s down to Monday night and some big ifs.  Tony Romo, Felix Jones, and Dez Bryant are all heavily owned fantasy commodities that may play on Monday night.  If you had a sufficient replacement it was recommended to go with the safer option that plays on Sunday just in case you go with the big zero on Monday night if they don’t play.  Right now it looks like Romo and Bryant should play especially with Miles Austin already ruled out.  So we spoke of the safe strategy, but if you are a gambler like myself before roster moves shut down I picked up Rex Grossman to swap in if Romo is ruled out.  Grossman is nowhere near Romo’s equal, but the strategy can pay off.  Looks like Kenny Britt’s promising season as a premier WR is down for the count, bump up Nate Washington and clear an IR spot for Britt.  Peyton Manning has been ruled out for the rest of the year so it looks like a long season for Colt fans and fantasy owners invested in Colts.  He is not on the injury report, but something has to be wrong with Chris Johnson he looks bad and continues to post 1st half stat lines like 7 carries for 8 yards.  I have never had the privilege of being a CJ owner, glad I am not now, and another owner to feel sorry for.


Posted: September 17, 2011 in General

It has been a little bit since my last post, I’ve been on a little hiatus doing hiatus things.  Sorry to disappoint my four readers.  Anyways digging a little deeper into keeper leagues Devone Bess is the epitome of a mediocre regular fantasy football player who shines in the PPR format.  His percentage owned has risen in the last week due to his solid in any league performance of 5 catches for 92 yards (He should have had a touchdown that was ruled down at the one inch line).  Bess is a lock for 70 receptions most likely 80 and is only owned in half of the leagues.  He may only get 700-800 yards and a meager 4 tds, but if you move his fantasy points around he is a 50 reception 1000 yd receiver with 6 tds he just scores his points differently than others because his primary weapon is the quantity of looks he gets and safety valves he provides for Chad Henne.  Henne wasn’t too shabby in his QB duel with Tom Brady.  it was a record-breaking week for 300 yd and 400 yd passers, Henne was one of the 400 yard passers.  Look for Henne to have to play at that pace again as the Dolphins are forced to play catch up with the potent Texans offense.

Who’s Division?

Posted: September 7, 2011 in General

So in the AFC south it has been the Colts and everybody else, and I will continue on the bandwagon even with Manning ailing until he doesn’t win.  How can you bet against the guy? Fantasy news here is your backup QB just got cut and everybody’s favorite handcuff blew out his knee on the team I thought was most likely to challenge the Colts.  David Garrard is not a fantasy starter, but he makes an ok backup and his overall numbers are pretty impressive.  Today he got cut in favor of Luke McCown, eventually paving the way for Blaine Gabbart.  Both downgrades in my opinion, and will also hurt 3rd year sleeper wr Mike Thomas.  Another Jaguar event happening over the weekend was MJD he played, and the most popular backup running in fantasy drafts, Rashad Jennings, was put on IR.  Bummer for those of you who spent as early as a 6th or 7th round pick on him.  Luckily third string rb Deji Karim is available in 91% of fantasy leagues.  His full name is Abdul-Gafar Olatokumbo Ayodeji Lamar Karim, guess they couldn’t fit that on a jersey.   In the last pre-season game he showed some burst carrying the ball 6 times for 55 yards.  MJD still has injury concerns coming off knee surgery so his backup could potentially be a real value.  Outside of MJD the Jaguars don’t have the greatest fantasy options, but the options do all get downgraded slightly with the change in QB.

Posted: September 2, 2011 in General

Lately I have been considering starting a non-profit organization to help finance underprivileged souls who want to play fantasy football.  With a small donation of $3 dollars a month you can provide a future fantasy owner with the delight of running a team during fantasy football season.  Fantasy Scholarships will be based on a need based assessment to determine how much you need to purchase a spot in your league.  Not only will this benefit the player impacted by the financial hardships of playing fantasy football, but also the league he/she is involved.  This eliminates the stress of commissioner who do everything in their power to extract funds from non compliant owners.  Some may say if you can’t afford the $20, $50, or $100 buy-in then don’t play.  Well here at we want to give everybody the advantage other owner have had in saving $2.50 a month to afford their $30 football buy-in.  Yes this will eliminate the weekly emails that go on for months at a time asking owners to pay their dues.  For some reason it is easier to get a stranger to pay you for an item purchased on ebay than it is to get a friend to pay their $50 league dues that happen at the exact same time every year.  Another plus is after the season is over there won’t be league champion who go without their prize money because owners haven’t paid.  Sad, but this happen all over the world every year.  This tragedy must come to an end.  I would like to hear your stories success and failures of owners not paying their dues.