Draft Day

Posted: August 31, 2011 in General

(Gotta comment on the Tag Photo, who do you think wins these guys league?)  Here are the draft results from a recent keeper league I am in PPR 12 team QB’s score 6 points for a TD otherwise standard scoring.  Start 1 QB 2 WR 2 RB 1 Flex 1 TE 1 K 1Def.   You are required to keep four players so the first four rounds are filled with those keepers in no particular order.

1.    (3)   Ray Rice
(Bal – RB)
2.    (22)     Roddy White
(Atl – WR)
3.    (27)    Ahmad Bradshaw
(NYG – RB)
4.    (46)    Tony Romo
5.    (51)    Felix Jones
(Dal – RB)  Felix represented my first pick 3rd overall essentially in the 5th round.  Originally I had him projected in the next round, but as my crush of the year and his recent jump in the rankings I was not going to see him available with the 70th pick in the draft.  Felix has not shown much as far as consistency just glimpses of what may be so I admit this is a risky pick.  I could have went safe with the likes of Brandon Marshall.  I felt it was a big plus to get a good receiving back others that were available Blount (not a receiving threat) and Deangelo Williams (big unknown) were not as appealing.  I did go option C as my first two choices Matt Forte and Desean Jackson were off the board, but in my case at least I was ready with a plan C.
6.    (70)    Santonio Holmes
(NYJ – WR)
7.    (75)    Austin Collie
(Ind – WR)
8.    (94)    Kenny Britt
(Ten – WR)  This little run of wide receivers was a little unexpected, but you take the draft as it comes to you.  I was hoping to get an elite TE by round 6, but they were gobbled up in the previous round, and then again in the 8th looking to target Kelen Winslow.  These three receivers are firmly entrenched as WR 2 with talent to be WR 1.  Each has his own issue Holmes (conservative offense) Collie (fragile) Britt (the law), but I expect one most likely 2 to pan out into something special.  Good news after the draft Britt will not be suspended which I believe this fear led him to slip in the eighth round
9.    (99)    Ryan Mathews
(SD – RB)  Another scorned fantasy commodity previous year first round Ryan Mathews had everybody running for the hills.  I was thinking about taking him in the 6th round using my draft plan A or B, but since I went C he was not in the cards.  At best I may be getting a running back of the future 1000 plus yards and double-digit tds.  At worst I say 600-700 yards and 6 tds not bad for a 9th round backup selection.
10.    (118)    Willis McGahee
(Den – RB)
11.    (123)    Davone Bess
(Mia – WR)  This guy is the epitome of PPR not much value in standard leagues, but he is going to catch 80 balls.
12.    (142)    San Francisco
(SF – DEF)  A little earlier than I preached for defense, but by this time I had every picked mapped out so really these final four guys could have been flipped.  Towards the end of the draft I go for what I want I don’t follow the rankings.
13.    (147)    Dustin Keller
(NYJ – TE) To me my biggest disappointment was not getting my TE early, but that is how the draft fell.  Getting Keller here is a bargain, and he is has the potential to be top 10.
14.    (166)    Ricky Williams
(Bal – RB)  My prized position is Ray Rice so even though there were a few other guys that intrigued me here, played it safe and went with the handcuff.
15.    (171)    Billy Cundiff
(Bal – K) Kickers that’s all I have to say.

Feel free to harsh on me or give me worthless tips about what I should do instead.  Also if you want me to grade your draft post it along with your setting and I will gladly do it.

  1. imsoseattle says:

    Should have went Tim Hightower. He’s going to have a monster year.

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