Plan of Defense

Posted: August 26, 2011 in General

In a previous post I gave you my take on taking the top ranked kicker and defense early.  Here is a plan for waiting on Defense.  Defenses are a bit more predictable year to year than kickers but there are always unknown factors in the fantasy world.  Assuming your Def gets points for tds and maybe even return tds its tough to determine which team will score the most defensive tds.  Defensive touchdowns can add up to a ton of points and the team with the most tds isn’t necessarily a top ranked defense in real football.  Keep in mind the NFL rule changes on kickoffs, and I believe we will be seeing a lot less return tds.  Streaming defense is the rout I like to take looking at who they are playing and how their opponents are playing.  I think some defenses are must start until they prove otherwise (Jets, Steelers, Packers).  If you wait for the streaming plan you won’t see these defenses available.  They will be swooped up in earlier rounds when you are looking at upside guys, handcuffs, and solid players.  This plan isn’t always safe as teams come out of nowhere to produce and your current plan based on schedules will fail.  The beauty of your plan though is it’s fluid chances are at least 12 defenses will be available week to week to swap out and play the matchups.  So even if you do make a poor draft day defense pick improvement is just a week away.


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