Trolling for RB’s

Posted: August 24, 2011 in General

Beyond the top 100 overall ranking useful players can still be found, sometimes a star is born (Darren McFadden 2010 ADP 116).  In this article we will look at potential breakthrough stars not just a useful player in the late rounds.  What makes a star, sometimes the right system or injury also youth is on his side.  Ranked at 105 we have the ever popular MJD handcuff Rashad Jennings, and awesome play in last years playoffs when MJD went down some think Drew isn’t healthy and Jennings will replace him this year.  he is considered the #2 clear back up running back in most drafts behind Michael Bush.  Lets dig deeper the 132nd ranked player rookie Delonte Carter moving up the depth charts seeming to pass Donald Brown as Joseph Addai’s backup, a good spot to be.  There may be some highly touted rookies left after the injury bug, specifically Devin Thomas and Mark Ingram, but Peyton Manning’s rb is a valuable commodity.  Finally we come to our 172nd ranked player Stevan Ridley New England is the most consistent running back train to ride, but somebody there always produces, and in the preseason Ridley has posted back to back 100 yard games out playing fellow Pats rookie Shane Vereen for a roster spot maybe more


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