I Think I Am Going To Write Raiders

Posted: August 19, 2011 in General

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I have never done this before, but I found this Pre-Halloween picture of Al Davis and it is priceless.  I am writing based on the image instead of the topic.  Yikes I am glad he is not my boss looking more Freddy Kreuger than NFL Owner.  So in running back world we have the big 3 Arian Foster, AP, and CJ (Foster has only been around for 1 fantasy relevant year so he doesn’t get initials yet) Jamaal Charles is creeping into the discussion as well, but I like McFadden.  It is tough for me to say because I laughed when as a rookie people drafted in thinking he would repeat the previous rookies breakout campaign of the season before, Adrian Peterson.  Well he didn’t it took him awhile, I don’t think being on the Raiders helps your cause.  He may be one blade of grass away from an ACL injury, but the guy is explosive.  I like him in the Ray Rice range a top five pick, and I don’t think we have seen his best year yet.  The Raider’s have the best one-two punch in the backfield in football because Michael Bush is a bruiser, and he will get his stats as well.  Off the top of my head Bush would be the clearcut #1 on several NFL teams (Detroit, Buffalo, San Diego, Washington, Arizona, Seattle, Dallas) to name a few.  McFadden is quick, Al Davis likes his speed almost more than he does putting together a quality football team.  With the Raiders trading their leading receiver, Zach Miller, over the past 3 seasons McFadden becomes their best receiver.  He should become a PPR monster if his health holds up.  If you practice your mock drafts you should be able to own both McFadden and Bush becoming possibly the #1 RB combo in the game.  McFadden is currently mocked at late first round early second round and Bush is mocked at the 13th round.  I may pick Bush a little earlier than the 13th round just to play it safe.  Happy Drafting.


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