One Year Too Soon

Posted: August 16, 2011 in General

So I wanted to dig deep for this article in search of potential fantasy diamonds in the rough found on the waiver pile.  My criteria for these sleepers was to simply look beyond the top 180 ranked fantasy players or the amount a standard 12 team 15 round draft would pick.  Interestingly enough I found a few guys that were hot topics last year that failed to perform up to their predictions and have fallen out of favor with the fantasy community.  First lets look at Jerome Harrison highly touted before last years draft to start in Cleveland before Hillis’ breakout season.  Harrison finds himself in a favorable offense and now is battling with a fragile Javid Best for position on the depth chart.  Harrison had a huge 09 fantasy playoff run, and hasn’t been given a chance since then.  I think both backs will get playing time, but Harrison has shown he can be an every down back in the right situation.  Another is Demaryius Thomas, Denver’s answer to replace Brandon Marshall until Lloyd blew up last year.  If his QB situation becomes stable look for Thomas to make strides in the right direction even in a conservative John Fox offense.  Finally there is Donnie Avery whose season ended last year before kickoff.  In 2009 Avery made strides to be the number 1 option in St Louis.  I think the implementation has Josh McDainel’s pass first offense will benefit a guy like Avery.


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