Oh, Right Fantasy Baseball is Still Going

Posted: August 15, 2011 in General

If you are like me every year as soon as football training camp open, I switch into a football only gear where everything else is secondary.  This year especially with the lockout football was non existent then became in full swing overnight.  This is no excuse to neglect your fantasy baseball roster, and perhaps the perfect opportunity to jump a few spots over your distracted owners.  My team has enjoyed an up and down season for various reason including mass injury.  Currently it is flailing, and I am hoping to throw it a life line.  For starters Ervin Santana has turned up the pitching 3 complete games in his last 4 including a no-hitter.  Although it may be a little early I sucumed to temptations and grabbed Strasburg for a playoff run.  he is unowned in 60% of leagues right now, but that number is falling.  Once he does get the callup he will provide stikeouts and a low era.  if you can stash him do it especially if you have an open dl slot.  September is prime for the minor league callups and some rather unusual hot streaks.  Once it becomes all or nothing in the playoffs I have no problem dumping my slumping star for the flavor of the week. It’s a gamble, but I think it is the way to go if you feel like you don’t have the best team going into the playoffs.


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