Draft Strategy

Posted: August 11, 2011 in General

I was reading an article on ESPN regarding a draft strategy to implement in the upcoming draft.  The basis of the strategy is drafting Michael Vick with the number one pick or in the first round regardless of your position.  The other part of the strategy was drafting an elite tight end in the first four rounds, and the other two picks being a combo of wr/rb, wr/wr, or rb/rb.  Vick’s ADP is around 8.5 in standard leagues so unless you are in the back end of the first round you would be drafting Vick before his ADP.  The argument makes sense to me is you compare his last year stats as just a QB: 3000 yds 21 tds and 6 ints over 12 games (he may get hurt) then add a backup like Sam Bradford (or comparable) for the other four games you get Matt Schaub (8th best qb).  Then you take his running stats from 2010 676 yards and 9 tds and you get Cedric Benson (15th ranked rb).  So basically you get a top 10 qb and an RB2 wrapped into one with Vick.  However we don’t play 2011 fantasy based on 2010 stats.  I did my own research in the Mock Draft Room, drafting Vick and any TE from Gates to Vernon Davis, and I didn’t like my results.  I would end up getting somebody like Matt Forte, Ahmad Bradshaw, or Blount as my RB1 then a Marshawn lynch type as my other starting RB.  I don’t feel real comfortable rolling like that, but an interesting strategy nonetheless.  The argument for this strategy is solid on paper, but I think I will pass when the time comes to draft


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