New Locations

Posted: July 31, 2011 in General

As the MLB trade deadline approaches and free agency has begun to run rampant on the NFL.  Several fantasy commodities have changed locations.  Ubaldo Jimenez recently was acquired by the Indians.  Avoiding the AL East was a huge success for owners of Jimenez, and the relatively weak hitting AL Central shouldn’t hinder his future performances.  A battle for supremacy in the NL East continues in the trade market between the Braves and the Phillies as they both acquire Houston Astro’s outfielders.  The Phillies get Pence, and the Brave get Bourn.  Overall Pence is a better player, but I like Bourn to the Braves a little better especially with their injuries.  The get a number 1 hitter, and improve their avg, obp, and steals in the process.  Switching gears a couple moves made that I found interesting include the Bears signing Marion Barber.  Forte still remains the number 1, but Barber is definitely there to vulture goaline TD.  I would downgrade Forte’s value a little in standard scoring leagues, in PPR he still remains a highly viable commodity.  Plaxico to the Jets is an interesting move.  I think it certainly improves the value of Sanchez.  Nobody really knows how Plaxico will perform, but on name alone he will be drafted higher than he should.  Because of this I doubt I will own him on any of my teams.  You never maybe going to prison for two years helps you improve as a football player, just ask Michael Vick.


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