Keep Focused

Posted: July 29, 2011 in General

I have to admit I have lost a little bit of focus now that football is back in the picture.  My one true love came back into town, and fantasy baseball has been put on a back burner.  Still to win the fantasy title in any league one must stay focused no matter what distracts them.  Sad new coming out of Marlins camp is Josh Johnson may be shut down for the season.  No surprise here as the Marlins have shown that they won’t be competing this year so no need to risk a prized arm on a lost season.  After his June setback Johnson has not even came close to throwing.  Chalk this up to another injury derailed season for Johnson who when healthy pitches on par with Cy Young Caliber pitches.  I have to admit I was one to tout his Cy Young chances at the begging of this year, then led on a trail of disappointment after another injury.  Johnson was shut down last year in August, and at the time was on a short list of Cy Young favorites.  As promised Joe Nathan has regained the closer role in Minnesota to the tune of 5 straight saves, lets hope he find his strikeout pitch again.  If he does we can again put him on the fragile pedestal of elite closers.


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