Trading Season

Posted: July 16, 2011 in General

In the next couple weeks Major League Baseball teams will begin a barrage of trades that could impact your fantasy team.  One of the first trades to do so involved K-Rod.  Essentially owners of K-Rod lost a closer and gained a set-up man with a chance of some saves, and owners of John Axford may also have to be weary of saves being stolen.  This leaves the Mets without a closer, and the best option is Bobby Parnell even though Jason Isringhausen may get a few chances initially due to his 291 career saves.  Another bullpen that is most likely to blow up in the Padres closer Heath Bell will be traded, and it’s not a guarantee that he will be closing in his new uniform.  Owners of Heath Bell I recommend keeping an eye out on the other Padres’ relief pitchers just in case.  If you happened to land a nice commodity like Melky Cabrera for nothing brace yourself because he may be traded sometime this week to a contender looking for outfield depth, and not necessarilywanting to start him everyday.  Of course we started this topic with the Mets and we end with the same.  Many of the Mets are in play including Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes.  Look for the Mets to hold onto Reyes and try to resign him.  Beltran has actually helped his trade prospects by putting together an All Star first half, and he should continue to produce at the same rate regardless of where he goes.


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