Baseball Football Comparrison

Posted: July 6, 2011 in General

I was recently checking out the stats of the newest closer in fantasy baseball, Antonio Bastardo for the Phillies and like his numbers since he became the closer.  3 saves, .000 era, and a .33 whip is a nice start.  I was thinking about a correlation between football and baseball relative to the value of the closer position.  The closest thing I came to was running back.  The ability to plug and play closers in baseball is demonstrated every year as new closers emerge as dominant, their life span is generally short, and they play an important role based upon good and bad performance.  Essentially the same role as a running back.  How many times does a RB go down in the NFL and we find out the back up is equally capable of virtually the same production.  There are always exceptions elite RB’s and closer that have dominant reign that span a decade, but the middle of the pack is pretty interchangeable.


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