It’s Almost Summer

Posted: June 9, 2011 in General

Everybody has their lineups set for the most part just waiting for the callups to begin for Lawrie, Ackerly, Jennings, Montero, etc … Waiting for your draftees to take shape hasn’t worked out for the likes of Adam Dunn owners.  I still say the guy should be owned, but he hasn’t really done anything of note to merit that label, he is 1-42 against lefties for one.  Your not going to get much for him in trade value at this point so if you can stomach a spot for him on the bench I would use it.  As the summer months start to come into play expecting the hitting of certain players to rise.  Adrian Beltre is one that should benefit from the summer heat and the return of Josh Hamilton to the lineup.  This season has seen a swoon in 3B production due to injuries and players not living up to their draft day production.  Summertime is usually when pitching production from the early part of the season starts to decline and the longballs start flying out of the park so keep that in mind when determining who your fantasy ace is remember Ubaldo Jimenez last year.


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