We Be Stanton

Posted: June 3, 2011 in General

Mike Stanton has finally came around for his owners after hitting just two homeruns in april the power surge continues.  Some predicted he was a 40 homer guy this season.  I say that is generous but the 30’s is likely.  Stanton slammed 9 in May then after a brief power slump where he was still hitting .325 he has hit back-to-back homers in his last two games.  I expect his average to decline a bit into the .270’s, but the power can’t be denied.  The Marlin’s aren’t missing Uggla, I don’t think anybody is at this point.  Making a move for Stanton would be tough right now especially during a hot streak so good luck.  Lance Berkman has cooled on the power numbers after the first month he is still valuable as an on base threat, but the power he showed in April has dropped off.  Taking over Matt Holiday’s spot in the order is not an easy task, so lets assume Berkman will fare much better once Holiday returns.  Berkman’s play is affecting other developments in the fantasy world because he is getting starts at first base, and now Prince Albert is one start away from gaining 3b eligibility.  Keep swinging Lance, but for those that own maybe testing out his trade value is not a bad option considering the flexibility of switching outfielders.  I’ve blasted a few trade offers in my league without success, but hey a guy has got to try.


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