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Half Season Part 2

Posted: June 27, 2011 in General

Part two focuses on the pitchers in 2008 he had a little blip in his career, and people questioned whether he could still be an elite ace, and that is Justin Verlander.  There are others to be considered including the Phillies trio, Clayton Kershaw, and the resurgence of Jared Weaver, but if you need an ace go with Verlander.  Not only has he been tearing it up all season, but in the last month he is the #1 ranked fantasy player with an unreal 51/6 k rate and a .72 era with 6 wins.  my relief man is the unsung hero and discarded closer from the Pirates.  Joel Hanrahan has compile 22 saves and a 1.23 era for the Pirates.  He may become trade bait soon, but for now lets give him credit.


Half Season Awards

Posted: June 27, 2011 in General

Examining the first half of the fantasy season for our MVP there are some interesting names at the top and also some names that have fallen due to injury or mediocre performance such as Albert Pujols, Evan Longoria, Joe Mauer, and Hanley Ramierez.  You can make a case for Adrian Gonzalez, Curtis Granderson, and Ryan Braun, but I’m going with Matt Kemp.  The stats don’t lie 20 hr 21 sb and a .416 OBP, and he has continued on this path all season even in the turmoil that the Dodgers organization is going through.  he was most likely a second round pick in most leagues,  I am not prone to picking outfielders that earlier, but i wouldn’t mind having him now.  Other awards are for comeback player for me without question is Jose Reyes who has come back from injury to become the top fantasy shortstop once again the OBP is there, stolen bases, triples welcome back to the fantasy elite.

Replacement Pickups

Posted: June 24, 2011 in General

So Pujols is down, and to me there is only one guy to fill his role at 1b, Carlos Pena.  Yes the same Pena whose avg hovers between .200 and .220 each season.  Currently he is on a hot streak and has increased his avg to .220.  So you know his avg is terrible, but his OBP isn’t as bad.  Pena has sluggled 9 hr and 19 rbi’s this month including 3 hr and 5 rbi’s in his last 3 games.  His yahoo ranking over the last month for first basemen is 10th he shares that with the pick a position Ty Wiggington both Pena (58%) and Wiggington (33%) are under-owned and having incredible months.  If you are sad about Oswalt going down might  I suggest Jeff Karstens owned in under 20% of leagues.  he does play for the Pirates so wins aren’t gong to be a huge category for K, but the guy is in the top 5 in era with k/walk ratio of 51/14 with a whip of 1.08 for the season.  over the last month those stats have improved to a 1.56 era 18/3 ratios with a .81 whip.  Sounds like a starter to me.

The Return

Posted: June 17, 2011 in General

With a 60 day DL stint behind him Joe Mauer returns to the Twins today.  Mauer’s presence should help a struggling Twins offense.  Mauer will most likely play a lot of DH to begin with, but with interleague starting catcher isn’t out of the question.  So time to put him in your lineup as Mauer is a must start in any league until he proves otherwise. For Mauer owners i still recommend holding on to your replacement for a bit just in case he has any set backs.  If you happen to have a hot catcher as your replacement a trade is not out of the question I suggest targeting owners who own catchers like the struggling Carlos Santana, also owners who were hit with the season ending injury to Buster Posey.

Man on the Decline

Posted: June 16, 2011 in General

At 34 Carlos seems to be in a state of decline.  Last year for his standards he put up poor numbers especially batting under .250.  A victim of circumstance? Maybe? Lance Berkman had his worst statistical year before he got traded last year leaving Lee without much to work with.  Lee continued his downward trend for the first month of the season hitting just .194.  Once a staple to be in every fantasy leagues lineup he surprisingly is still owned in 74% of leagues.  In May and June Lee has significantly raise his avg to .251 at the end of May, and he is now hitting .268.  Major improvements in obp have also happened especially in the last two weeks he is has a .439 obp.  This all sounds very promising, but in reality Lee owners want home runs and rbi’s to go along with that nice batting avg.  Lee has 5 hr’s terrible by his standard and any player owned in fantasy leagues not known for stealing bases or playing middle infield.  His 35 rbi’s are decent, but again I don’t know when the power returns.  I guess we have to get used to the fact that people change, and in real baseball I’m glad Carlos has hit his stride as an average man lacking power, but he gets on base.  I just don’t have use for him on my fantasy team.

It’s Almost Summer

Posted: June 9, 2011 in General

Everybody has their lineups set for the most part just waiting for the callups to begin for Lawrie, Ackerly, Jennings, Montero, etc … Waiting for your draftees to take shape hasn’t worked out for the likes of Adam Dunn owners.  I still say the guy should be owned, but he hasn’t really done anything of note to merit that label, he is 1-42 against lefties for one.  Your not going to get much for him in trade value at this point so if you can stomach a spot for him on the bench I would use it.  As the summer months start to come into play expecting the hitting of certain players to rise.  Adrian Beltre is one that should benefit from the summer heat and the return of Josh Hamilton to the lineup.  This season has seen a swoon in 3B production due to injuries and players not living up to their draft day production.  Summertime is usually when pitching production from the early part of the season starts to decline and the longballs start flying out of the park so keep that in mind when determining who your fantasy ace is remember Ubaldo Jimenez last year.

Catcher Friendly

Posted: June 6, 2011 in General

Most seasons fantasy baseball provides 5 must start catchers at best.  To begin this season two of those catchers were Buster Posey and Joe Mauer.  Well Buster is done and Mauer can’t even catch yet, though he could be called up as a DH as early as June 12th.  One catcher on a hot streak is Miguel Olvio who has turned Safeco field into his own hitter friendly ballpark as of late hitting 3 homeruns in his past 7 at-bats.  Olivio is only owned in 20% of leagues posting a yahoo ranking of 25 over the past 2 weeks.  His overall ranking for the season is 6th out of all catchers and the players above him are only posting better OBP’s and a few more doubles.  Right handed hitters playing in Seattle don’t usually fare well so it is yet to be seen if he can continue at a solid pace.  In the world of streaming catchers he is definitely worth a shot

We Be Stanton

Posted: June 3, 2011 in General

Mike Stanton has finally came around for his owners after hitting just two homeruns in april the power surge continues.  Some predicted he was a 40 homer guy this season.  I say that is generous but the 30’s is likely.  Stanton slammed 9 in May then after a brief power slump where he was still hitting .325 he has hit back-to-back homers in his last two games.  I expect his average to decline a bit into the .270’s, but the power can’t be denied.  The Marlin’s aren’t missing Uggla, I don’t think anybody is at this point.  Making a move for Stanton would be tough right now especially during a hot streak so good luck.  Lance Berkman has cooled on the power numbers after the first month he is still valuable as an on base threat, but the power he showed in April has dropped off.  Taking over Matt Holiday’s spot in the order is not an easy task, so lets assume Berkman will fare much better once Holiday returns.  Berkman’s play is affecting other developments in the fantasy world because he is getting starts at first base, and now Prince Albert is one start away from gaining 3b eligibility.  Keep swinging Lance, but for those that own maybe testing out his trade value is not a bad option considering the flexibility of switching outfielders.  I’ve blasted a few trade offers in my league without success, but hey a guy has got to try.