Long Vacation

Posted: May 31, 2011 in General

So I myself just got back from a few trips, and it seems that my fantasy team has also been on vacation.  3 losing weeks in a row can take you down pretty far in the standings.  Trying to stand pat with my lineup coupled with the injury bug has not been working out.  Take Ben Zobrist for example a third of his stats came on one magical doubleheader day, and until yesterdays homerun he hasn’t done much since.  He provides great utility and 3B, 2B, and OF.  I use him as a second baseman, and there are not many options to replace him at that position.  On the hot list and under owned is Raul Ibanez posting 7 hr and 19 rbi’s over the last month owned in 46% of leagues.  Another throwback on the hot list is Carlos Pena owned in 54% of leagues also posting 7 hr and 19 rbi over the last month.  So if you feel like going 2008 these are solid guys for now to pick up and plug into the gaps, they seem to have 
returned from their cold spell vacations.


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