As Far as Trading

Posted: May 23, 2011 in General

I’ve participated in many leagues since my fantasy playing days started and have always been baffled when I read fantasy columns on the ability to trade.  Speaking from my own experience and listening to others talk about their leagues it is easier said than done to make worthwhile trades.  There are several types of trades that happen here are a few: The I don’t know what I’m doing trade, I’m desperate my guys out for the year, I’m out of the race might as well help you, Well they both aren’t playing well, and many more scenarios to consider.  The toughest trade to do is the win/win-lose/lose to me considered the fairest trade.  It is a trade that neither team feels great about because they had to give up something to gain something.  In a league with experienced fantasy owners everyone is always skeptical about your angle.  If you purposed the trade you must be up to something.  Sometimes it takes a little convincing to help your opponent establish a need that they didn’t realize they had.  In my league since the beginning of the season no trades have went through, and I’m not sure how many have been purposed.  We have a super active waiver wire with owners very reluctant to trade away anything.  Being somewhat succesful in the past I always have the assumption that nobody wants to trade with you because you’re a winner.  I think there is some truth to that especially when you know the other guys in your league.  better to go down with your own ship the possibly save yourself and somebody else at the same time.  I’m sure in some leagues people love to trade, I personally love to trade.  If I see somebody purposed a trade to me it’s like Christmas even if the trade is terrible, I just want to see what somebody has to offer.


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