Shortstop Hot

Posted: May 7, 2011 in General

Over the last two weeks the free agent shortstop performers have been hot.  So this goes out to all you sad Hanley Ramirez owners.  Maybe it’s time to sit Hanley on the bench, and make him think about what he has done (Actually he hasn’t done much that is the problem).  Don’t think i am going crazy I rarely sit stars just giving you options.  Over the past 2 weeks 3 shortstops have crept into the top 25 rankings, and none of them are over 40% owned.  Quick question you like speed or power?  Well speed I have Eric Aybar 19 hits and 6 sb’s over the last 2 weeks.  Power try Alex Gonzalez 11 runs 4 doubles and 9 rbi’s over the same time span, Darwin barney is also up there with 9 runs a 7 rbi’s.  I am not talking about fantasy monsters, but they are serviceable especially in a weak shortstop field.  Even us Ian Desmond owners and his one good game for every five bad games should give these guys a look


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