Waiting is the Hardest Part

Posted: May 6, 2011 in General

With the first month of the real and fantasy baseball season in the books its time to take a second look at your team.  Are the slow starters showing a glimpse of life? Are your new hot commodities fizziling? Are your closers still closing?  Today we look at one Mike Stanton and Francisco Liriano.  Liriano has been terrible this season so far, banished to most of your fantasy benches.  He was almost banished from the Twins starting rotation from number 1 to middle relief in a month.  Well here is your ray of hope a complete game shutout.  Well maybe it is not all roses yet 6 bb and only 2 ks, but hey it’s a start.  If you look at his other starts it’s all you have.  personally I think it may be time to sell the guy has more walks than stikeouts, but the owner that sees value in that complete game shutout may jump at the chance to bring a underachieving young arm into the fold.

On April 20th Mike Stanton owners gathered around a fantasy table and asked to see into the future.  Did I really use a fourth round pick on this guy 0 homeruns and .192 avg.  He did have the hamstring issue to deal with, but since then he has put up decent stats 4 hr 9 rbi and raised his avg up to .242.  I’m sure nobody threw a Cinco De Mayo party for him yesterday, but it is hope.  Maybe some huge first month bust will start showing equal rays of hope.  yes we are taking about first rounders Carlos Gonzalez and Carl Crawford.  Sorry to be those owners.


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