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Long Vacation

Posted: May 31, 2011 in General

So I myself just got back from a few trips, and it seems that my fantasy team has also been on vacation.  3 losing weeks in a row can take you down pretty far in the standings.  Trying to stand pat with my lineup coupled with the injury bug has not been working out.  Take Ben Zobrist for example a third of his stats came on one magical doubleheader day, and until yesterdays homerun he hasn’t done much since.  He provides great utility and 3B, 2B, and OF.  I use him as a second baseman, and there are not many options to replace him at that position.  On the hot list and under owned is Raul Ibanez posting 7 hr and 19 rbi’s over the last month owned in 46% of leagues.  Another throwback on the hot list is Carlos Pena owned in 54% of leagues also posting 7 hr and 19 rbi over the last month.  So if you feel like going 2008 these are solid guys for now to pick up and plug into the gaps, they seem to have 
returned from their cold spell vacations.


As Far as Trading

Posted: May 23, 2011 in General

I’ve participated in many leagues since my fantasy playing days started and have always been baffled when I read fantasy columns on the ability to trade.  Speaking from my own experience and listening to others talk about their leagues it is easier said than done to make worthwhile trades.  There are several types of trades that happen here are a few: The I don’t know what I’m doing trade, I’m desperate my guys out for the year, I’m out of the race might as well help you, Well they both aren’t playing well, and many more scenarios to consider.  The toughest trade to do is the win/win-lose/lose to me considered the fairest trade.  It is a trade that neither team feels great about because they had to give up something to gain something.  In a league with experienced fantasy owners everyone is always skeptical about your angle.  If you purposed the trade you must be up to something.  Sometimes it takes a little convincing to help your opponent establish a need that they didn’t realize they had.  In my league since the beginning of the season no trades have went through, and I’m not sure how many have been purposed.  We have a super active waiver wire with owners very reluctant to trade away anything.  Being somewhat succesful in the past I always have the assumption that nobody wants to trade with you because you’re a winner.  I think there is some truth to that especially when you know the other guys in your league.  better to go down with your own ship the possibly save yourself and somebody else at the same time.  I’m sure in some leagues people love to trade, I personally love to trade.  If I see somebody purposed a trade to me it’s like Christmas even if the trade is terrible, I just want to see what somebody has to offer.

On a Positive Note

Posted: May 21, 2011 in General

As the injury bug ravishes through my fantasy team (Mauer, David Wright, Shane Victorino, Josh Johnson, Lance Berkman), and many others with Ryan Braun joining the injured ranks this weekend it is time to put a positive spin on things.  For those of you looking for hope to stop the bleeding of your fantasy roster might I suggest Justin Turner, more likely known as David Wright’s replacement.  He should gain eligibility for 3rd by the end of this weekend as he continues to start in Wright’s place.  Turner has been starting at 2B and 3B for about two weeks compiling a .354 avg 7 runs and 14 rbi’s.  He currently holds a best for the Met’s 6 straight games with an rbi.  He is only owned in 11% of leagues, but that number has climbed from 1% a week ago.  I expect his value to continue to climb, and if he stays hot he may still have a spot at second when Wright returns.  As far as his percentage owned Turner is a very under the radar tip so jump on it.  If I had a roster spot I would also start looking into the minor league callups of such players as Dominic Brown, Desmond Jennings, and Dustin Ackerly.

Ill Fate

Posted: May 18, 2011 in General

The injury bug inevitably hits at the most inopportune time.  I myself was hit with a torn tendon in my wrist making it very difficult to type, but I will do my best to persevere after taking a week off to heal.  The real injury I speak of is David Wright who just went on the DL.  Wright has under produced so far this year, but if you look into the free agent pool for a 3b there is nobody that comes close to his 2011 pedestrian numbers.  From the looks of it his injury isn’t very serious, so you may need to find a replacement for the next two weeks only.  One player to look at is 3b Mark Reynolds he is owned in a majority of leagues 69%, but a month ago he was owned in over 90%.  He seems to be breaking out of his month-long slump, and could provide some impressive power number, he even stole a base this week.  If Reynolds is owned in your league then the options are very slim.  We are looking at a pool that includes these guys as your top performers in the under 50% owned crowd Juan Uribe, Scott Rolen, Chase Headly, and Alberto Callaspo (yikes).  No way around this one you are going to have a underproducing third baseman until Wright gets back.  There is always the chance of striking it rich.  There are three ways I would recommend on this one make a trade for a vastly underperforming 3B, Aramis Ramirez, Pick up Rolen (best player out of the bunch when healthy), or roll the die and take a crack at Edwin Encarnacion (8th in the ml in doubles and should break out of his hr slump soon)

Outfielders in the Mix

Posted: May 13, 2011 in General

So yesterday morning I thought long and hard about whether or not it was worth it to pick up one of baseball’s hottest hitters, Matt Joyce.  He is the AL leader in batting average, and over the last two weeks has compiled 4hr and 11 rbi good enough to be ranked as the 3rd best player over that span.  I was a bit hesitant because he still is not a full-time player being taken out for left-handed pitching, but you can’t ignore his performance.  I personally did choose to pass mainly because I didn’t have anybody to give up, 3 bench spots is a killer sometimes. One of my opponents picked him up shortly after I passed  If you are like me and your team has the room pick up Joyce, but do it fast he is owned in 32% of leagues, but that number has jumped from 10% just a week ago.  I have two outfielders underperforming Vlad and Mike Stanton, and so it was tempting to look.  Outfield is a tricky position because there are so many serviceable options.  Unless I find elite talent or somebody I can’t do without they are some of my last starters drafted.  The reason being is the waiver wire is full of hot outfielders.  Earlier this year I took a shot at Lance Berkman ( eligible at 1st/Outfield), and so far he has panned out nicely.  Other players waiting to audition for your team that are not highly owned are Johnny Damon, Josh Willingham, Luke Scott, Austin Jackson, etc…  These players and more are outfield eligible ranked in the top 50 over the last two weeks and owned in 40% or under of the leagues.  So stream away if you are looking for an outfielder.  Maybe I was a fool to pass on Joyce, but as I stated before with the position of outfield I always have options.

Time To Sell

Posted: May 10, 2011 in General

Much time has been focused on poor performances and what to do about them lately.  Here is the hot seller tip of the week.  Sell Alfonso Soriano he looks pretty good with those 11 homeruns, but his batting avg and obp are falling fast.  He is very streaky and swings at a lot of junk pitches.  May suggestion is to sell him for a guy that is struggling with more upside like an Dan Uggla, Adam Dunn, or maybe you could even snag Carl Crawford.   I doubt that is possible, but a lesson for another day is start high, and work to what you really want

Going Local

Posted: May 9, 2011 in General

So I was watching the mariner’s game on Saturday with my buddies, and Milton Bradley came up to bat.  my first comment was “Does this guy still play for the M’s?”  True Milton Bradley has lost all fantasy relevance, but it always interesting to see these veterans come to Seattle and go into a career nose dive Richie Sexson ring a bell.  When I heard the news today that he was cut it just confirmed his career nose dive.  The athlete psyche is so volatile sometimes it’s tough to explain  This guy was relevant in the fantasy world in 2008 22 hr 77 rbi and a .321 avg.  So see you later Milton go on take the money and run.

Shortstop Hot

Posted: May 7, 2011 in General

Over the last two weeks the free agent shortstop performers have been hot.  So this goes out to all you sad Hanley Ramirez owners.  Maybe it’s time to sit Hanley on the bench, and make him think about what he has done (Actually he hasn’t done much that is the problem).  Don’t think i am going crazy I rarely sit stars just giving you options.  Over the past 2 weeks 3 shortstops have crept into the top 25 rankings, and none of them are over 40% owned.  Quick question you like speed or power?  Well speed I have Eric Aybar 19 hits and 6 sb’s over the last 2 weeks.  Power try Alex Gonzalez 11 runs 4 doubles and 9 rbi’s over the same time span, Darwin barney is also up there with 9 runs a 7 rbi’s.  I am not talking about fantasy monsters, but they are serviceable especially in a weak shortstop field.  Even us Ian Desmond owners and his one good game for every five bad games should give these guys a look

Waiting is the Hardest Part

Posted: May 6, 2011 in General

With the first month of the real and fantasy baseball season in the books its time to take a second look at your team.  Are the slow starters showing a glimpse of life? Are your new hot commodities fizziling? Are your closers still closing?  Today we look at one Mike Stanton and Francisco Liriano.  Liriano has been terrible this season so far, banished to most of your fantasy benches.  He was almost banished from the Twins starting rotation from number 1 to middle relief in a month.  Well here is your ray of hope a complete game shutout.  Well maybe it is not all roses yet 6 bb and only 2 ks, but hey it’s a start.  If you look at his other starts it’s all you have.  personally I think it may be time to sell the guy has more walks than stikeouts, but the owner that sees value in that complete game shutout may jump at the chance to bring a underachieving young arm into the fold.

On April 20th Mike Stanton owners gathered around a fantasy table and asked to see into the future.  Did I really use a fourth round pick on this guy 0 homeruns and .192 avg.  He did have the hamstring issue to deal with, but since then he has put up decent stats 4 hr 9 rbi and raised his avg up to .242.  I’m sure nobody threw a Cinco De Mayo party for him yesterday, but it is hope.  Maybe some huge first month bust will start showing equal rays of hope.  yes we are taking about first rounders Carlos Gonzalez and Carl Crawford.  Sorry to be those owners.

Get Mr. Norris

Posted: May 1, 2011 in General

Hot tip pickup of the week Bud Norris starting pitcher for the Astros.  Coming into Sunday mister Norris has compiled 32 k/9 w 3.86 era over the season.  He is owned in 26% of fantasy leagues, and that will most likely sky rocket after his pitching performance today.  Along with the win Mr. Norris struckout 11 allowed 0 runs and a .78 whip over 7 plus innings.  His next start will be against the Pirates.  So add him start him, and do it now.  I myself waited to pull the trigger until today.  I liked his numbers and where he pitches, but after today i would have been a fool not to pull the trigger.