Let Him Hit

Posted: April 26, 2011 in General

The dreadful fielding is causing one of the stolen base leaders to lose playing time.  Though Ian Desmond isn’t by any stretch of the imagination playing at an all star calibar level his batting performance has been serviceable.  Tied for third in baseball with 8 stolen bases and decent power numbers from your shortstop 2hr 8 rbi, he has also committed a league leading 7 fielding errors.  This is the NL so the Dh is not an option, but I can imagine when inter-league play starts he may be an option for the spot.  What is a worried owner to do?  All you can do is wait it out and hope for the best while quietly waiting to pounce on a backup shortstop.  There won’t be many options to choose from as this position is traditionally and currently weak.  Orlando Cabbrera and Darwin barney are performing well and under half owned in leagues, but say goodbye to stolen bases with those two.  Jason Bartlet is an interesting option and two years removed from a 14 hr 66rbi 30 sb season, but don”t count on playing in San Diego to do him any favors.  Desmond does have on his side that he is a promising up and comer so he may be given a longer leash than a 32 year old veteran to turn it around.


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