Pitcher Battle

Posted: April 25, 2011 in General

Brandon Morrow started his year with a promising stat line against Tampa Bay in just over 5 innings he comprised a decent stat like of 10k’s to 2 walks and a .94 whip he did surrender some runs though, but he is worth moving into the starting roster.  He is a master at srtikeouts and should continue to be a factor.  Morrow is owned in the majority of leagues, but if you happen to be in a league where he is not owned then it would be wise to pick him up.  In other new Edwin Jackson has decided to start the season with a bang in his first two starts, and then do much worse in his second two.  He gave up 7 earned runs against Detroit and his next start at New York doesn’t make him a very enticing fantasy option.  It might be time to shop him around if you own him, and if he plays poorly against New York then you may be able to get him on the cheap.  I am still a believer in Jackson for the season so he makes up a decent pitcher to look into.  Two pitchers I was very high on to start the year Madison Bumgarner and Daniel Hudson have proven to be mediocre at best to begin the season so if you are hoping for them to be front end starters for your club it may be time to look elsewhere at least for now.  They have the ability to turn things around given where they pitcher, and the division they are in.  Maybe taking a gamble on a veteran like Randy Wolf is not a bad gamble given his solid start and that he is not owned in the majority of leagues.


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