Fantasy Confessions

Posted: April 23, 2011 in General

Let’s be honest there are definitely people out there who like fantasy sports better than the real thing.  I will include myself in this category for baseball.  I admit I can’t remember the last time I sat down and watched an entire baseball game on TV, ‘I can’t Sunday Night Baseball is on”, doesn’t ring true in my household.  Football is a different story I am a bigger fan of football than i am of baseball, and in turn a bigger fan of fantasy football over fantasy baseball.  In my household, “I can’t Sunday Night Football is on”, does ring true.  Relax i am not hating on all the avid baseball fans, to each his own.  I totally understand the devotion to a sport.  To me the stats and strategy of fantasy or more intriguing than the actual sport that produces these products.  in all fairness there wouldn’t by fantasy baseball without baseball, and because of fantasy baseball i am a bigger fan of baseball in general.  Just give me the numbers that’s all I want and some highlights of what is going on call me when the playoffs start and maybe I will watch a game on television.


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