Who is this Lance Berkman

Posted: April 18, 2011 in General

Lance Berkman is a former 30HR 100RBI guy for the Houston Astros who fell off the map last year.  I drafted him last year hoping he wound put up a solid 25hr 75 rbi line, but was slapped in the face first by Houston’s inept offense, and then by Lance himself.  Though his playing time was a bit limited with the Yankees he put up such atrocious stats that he was considered to be moved off their playoff roster.  In other words the downside slide had begun into a freefall for Lance.  He was not even drafted in most leagues this spring yet his start of a 308 avg 6hr and 13 rbi has killed his Yankee stats from last year in half the at-bats.  Is this a mirage or should we ride this train to the promised land.  If you started Berkman last week no doubt you would have reaped some major rewards especially after his 2HR day on Friday.  Most people aren’t giving up yet on their prized draft possessions so it may be a bit early to trade him away for a slow starting slugger.  For now i say ride the wave, and hope he continues his hot start for a week or two the 
re-evaluate your opponents rosters and let the trades fly.

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  2. […] * – Lance Berkman photo credit: AllFantasy […]

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