How Did He Get There?

Posted: April 12, 2011 in General

You ever have that player that has ended up on your fantasy team more times than you can remember? You take the good and the bad with his performances. He has to be somewhat decent to be owned for several years. The player that fits this description for me is Valdimir Guerrero. It has actually been maybe two years since he has been on my roster, but I would say over mine and his fantasy career I have owned him at least five times. I have never been dissatisfied with his performance though he is approaching the twilight years of hid career, rather gracefully I might add, last years comeback player of the year. He has always been hampered by injuries that would seem to mount with age. If you ever want to scare me away from a player speak of their injuries and I will be crossing their name of my draft/trade board before you’ve finished your sentence. My reasoning in drafting Guerrero this year was simple. As my third outsider I was looking for some power and maybe an avg boost. Not too steep of a price, but hey I never want to admit my mistakes. So here is hoping Vlad has a super season and stays clear of the injury bug.


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