They may leave a bad taste

Posted: April 5, 2011 in General
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I am sure everyone has been guilty of this: You tend to shy away from guys that have burned you in the past. Ian Kinsler comes to mind for me.  2nd round bust for me last year. He underperformed and was an injury concern all season. I finally traded him close to the all star break that was an uneventful move. It neither helped nor hurt me so when the chance came to make a Kinsler decision come the 3rd and 4th rounds like a spurned lover afraid of getting hurt again I ran the other way.

I figure let somebody else deal with my problem. So far Kinsler has hit 3 homeruns in 3 games only to see his streak come to an end yesterday.  Did I feel regret for not drafting him? Not at all, and when the inevitable DL spells start piling up I will sit back and count my blessings.


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