Bad 1st round picks

Posted: April 4, 2011 in General
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A readers comment recently brought to my attention the fact that some people go against the grain, and pick an off the wall 1st pick. I had this happen in my 2010 draft. With the first overall pick a new guy in my league selected Justin Verlander!!!!! What!!!! This guy could have reached in the 4th for Verlander, and maybe got a rise out of somebody for the early snag.

This wasn’t even the worst 1st round league pick I was involved a few years ago in football when Adrian Peterson was the consensus number 1 I was participating in a draft where I was begged to be a last minute spot filler. Draft goes something like this: pick 1 AP, pick 2 MJD, pick 3 Adrian Peterson ….. As the turntable screeched to a halt.  Two AP’s, what just happened? Oh that’s right Adrian Peterson 2 was a backup for the Bears.

Needless to say both of these guys finished last. The latter finished 72.5 games back. Ouch!!! So draft away you wildman you.


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