Don’t Panic or Celebrate Too Early

Posted: April 3, 2011 in General

As your first matchups round the corner into the full week if you are on a weekly lineup change it is time to set next weeks lineup or if you are in a plug and play streaming players is what you do.  Don’t over think it and become crazy because your guys put up zeros in their first couple games.  In my experience there is always the hot hitter in April sometimes he turns into the man with the magical season, Jose Bautista, but most of the time he is good for a month then settles into his mediocre numbers for the rest of the season.

The exception is the guys you drafted last with no ties to your team.  maybe you do take a flyer on the hot hitter or pitcher of the hour.  Pitching seems to come out of the gate much stronger than hitting.  It’s still cold out in much of the US and hitters take some time to warmup to the conditions.  Remember it’s a long season and the waivers are filled with wonders throughout the season.  keep track of your up and comers maybe still in the minors then come may they turn into Ryan Braun, Evan Longoria, and Buster Posey.  Remember your team is fluid so treat it that way.

  1. mixmastermw says:

    Post on your early season success and failures

  2. mixmastermw says:

    Ian Desmond 0-11 and counting still waiting…………

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