North Carolina Draft

Posted: April 2, 2011 in General


A friend of my asked me to review his draft selections so here it goes.  H2H 12 team league standard categories yahoo with switch from avg to obp.


1.    (5)    Carl Crawford (Bos – OF)  Crawford at #5 is a solid pick, but i would have went Longoria (he went 6th) here based on position
2.    (20)    Tim Lincecum (SF – SP)  Looks like you went early for a pitcher grabbed him here after Roy was picked
3.    (29)    Buster Posey (SF – C,1B) This is a reach especially above Mauer (he went r3 p10), but he is your guy I guess reaching a round early makes sense
4.    (44)    Ichiro Suzuki (Sea – OF) I see this as your 1st flaw especially after picking Crawford you need power my friend say Heyward (r5 p1)
5.    (53)    Justin Morneau (Min – 1B)
6.    (68)    Matt Cain (SF – SP) I like the SF pitching theme I believe he is a legit CY Young Candidate
7.    (77)    Martín Prado (Atl – 2B,3B)
8.    (92)    Stephen Drew (Ari – SS)
9.    (101)    Casey McGehee (Mil – 3B) Rounds 7,8,9 seem like roster filler picks or panic picks
10.    (116)    Bobby Abreu (LAA – OF)
11.    (125)    Francisco Cordero (Cin – RP)
12.    (140)    Clay Buchholz (Bos – SP)
13.    (149)    Torii Hunter (LAA – OF)
14.    (164)    Phil Hughes (NYY – SP)
15.    (173)    Joel Hanrahan (Pit – RP)
16.    (188)    C.J. Wilson (Tex – SP)
17.    (197)    Howie Kendrick (LAA – 1B,2B)
18.    (212)    Koji Uehara (Bal – RP)
19.    (221)    Ervin Santana (LAA – SP) Your last two picks seem like flyer picks could have been used better if you were just swinging wildly, but not too much damage done easily dropped to fill need like power and rbi’s

overall i grade your draft a C not bad not good average.  Some interesting picks in there hopefully Morneau comes back healthy and ready to produce be prepared to use the waiver wire heavily for power and relief pitchers.  Your frontline starters are solid and good luck trying to catch yourself in stolen bases and runs.

Rate Mr NC’s draft or send me your own along with your league draft results and settings

  1. carp says:

    I think Ichiro should go first (and second, if they clone him) in every draft.

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