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The Draft

Posted: April 29, 2011 in General

Switching gears to my first love.  We evaluate the 2011 NFL Draft, it also come with some hope that the season will begin as planned.  Looking at the draft I am trying to evaluate the most promising rookie as far as fantasy purposes go for the 2011-20012 season.  The QB’s are hit or miss I don’t see a Matt Ryan in this bunch.  Ryan’s stats is rookie year were mediocre at best when it comes to the fantasy game.  Mark Ingram is the rookie to target.  The Saint’s selection of the Alabama man signals the end of Reggie Bush in New Orleans most likely.  Even though the Saints aren’t a run first team we saw what Chris ivory could do when Drew Brees is spreading out the offense.  We will have to see how camp goes, but right now I would target him in the 2nd or 3rd Round in a standard league draft.  Some people may place him 1st round, except for those he made that leap last year with Ryan Mathews.  I look for Ingram to break 1000 yards with 6-8 tds.  The selections of all QB’s outside of Cam Newton were pure reaches based on need and the lack of free agency.  Blain Gabbert wouldn’t even be a 1st round pick if Luck was in the draft.  I am high on Dalton so it will be interesting to see how he plays out.


Surging Santos

Posted: April 28, 2011 in General
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As the White Sox continue to search for a replacement to Bobby Jerks, Guillen is willing to give the youngsters a try.  Matt Thornton didn’t last long, but there is hope for him as he was an adequate replacement closer last year and a lights out set up man. The current pitcher with closing duties is Sergio Santos a converted shortstop. With back to back saves this week he is the White Sox team leader with 2. The sky is the limit for Santos as he has good stuff with a fantastic k/9 rate. Hopefully Ozzie let’s him pitcher, and doesn’t pull any fast ones.

Let Him Hit

Posted: April 26, 2011 in General

The dreadful fielding is causing one of the stolen base leaders to lose playing time.  Though Ian Desmond isn’t by any stretch of the imagination playing at an all star calibar level his batting performance has been serviceable.  Tied for third in baseball with 8 stolen bases and decent power numbers from your shortstop 2hr 8 rbi, he has also committed a league leading 7 fielding errors.  This is the NL so the Dh is not an option, but I can imagine when inter-league play starts he may be an option for the spot.  What is a worried owner to do?  All you can do is wait it out and hope for the best while quietly waiting to pounce on a backup shortstop.  There won’t be many options to choose from as this position is traditionally and currently weak.  Orlando Cabbrera and Darwin barney are performing well and under half owned in leagues, but say goodbye to stolen bases with those two.  Jason Bartlet is an interesting option and two years removed from a 14 hr 66rbi 30 sb season, but don”t count on playing in San Diego to do him any favors.  Desmond does have on his side that he is a promising up and comer so he may be given a longer leash than a 32 year old veteran to turn it around.

Pitcher Battle

Posted: April 25, 2011 in General

Brandon Morrow started his year with a promising stat line against Tampa Bay in just over 5 innings he comprised a decent stat like of 10k’s to 2 walks and a .94 whip he did surrender some runs though, but he is worth moving into the starting roster.  He is a master at srtikeouts and should continue to be a factor.  Morrow is owned in the majority of leagues, but if you happen to be in a league where he is not owned then it would be wise to pick him up.  In other new Edwin Jackson has decided to start the season with a bang in his first two starts, and then do much worse in his second two.  He gave up 7 earned runs against Detroit and his next start at New York doesn’t make him a very enticing fantasy option.  It might be time to shop him around if you own him, and if he plays poorly against New York then you may be able to get him on the cheap.  I am still a believer in Jackson for the season so he makes up a decent pitcher to look into.  Two pitchers I was very high on to start the year Madison Bumgarner and Daniel Hudson have proven to be mediocre at best to begin the season so if you are hoping for them to be front end starters for your club it may be time to look elsewhere at least for now.  They have the ability to turn things around given where they pitcher, and the division they are in.  Maybe taking a gamble on a veteran like Randy Wolf is not a bad gamble given his solid start and that he is not owned in the majority of leagues.

Fantasy Confessions

Posted: April 23, 2011 in General

Let’s be honest there are definitely people out there who like fantasy sports better than the real thing.  I will include myself in this category for baseball.  I admit I can’t remember the last time I sat down and watched an entire baseball game on TV, ‘I can’t Sunday Night Baseball is on”, doesn’t ring true in my household.  Football is a different story I am a bigger fan of football than i am of baseball, and in turn a bigger fan of fantasy football over fantasy baseball.  In my household, “I can’t Sunday Night Football is on”, does ring true.  Relax i am not hating on all the avid baseball fans, to each his own.  I totally understand the devotion to a sport.  To me the stats and strategy of fantasy or more intriguing than the actual sport that produces these products.  in all fairness there wouldn’t by fantasy baseball without baseball, and because of fantasy baseball i am a bigger fan of baseball in general.  Just give me the numbers that’s all I want and some highlights of what is going on call me when the playoffs start and maybe I will watch a game on television.

The Good and Bad

Posted: April 21, 2011 in General

We have begun our third week of fantasy baseball, and in most leagues have yet to determine who the standout teams are. The previous weeks last place team is this weeks 13-2 leader. This part of the fantasy season is known as the wait and see period. Are my stars going to pan out? Which pitchers will become aces, and when is my closer going to lose his job? Also the time is now to scope out the fast starters and the about to be called up because somebody is going to hit it big on the waiver wire. Might as well be you

The Expert

Posted: April 19, 2011 in General

Many might wonder what makes a fantasy expert and how much cred should be given to what they actually say.  Unless they have inside information they are made to scour the internet for every tidbit of information they can find. As far as predictions It’s kind of like the NCAA tourney no matter how much research and time you put in the girl who picks based on mascot has a way better bracket than you. Follow your gut when it comes down to it at least you know who to blame instead of some silly columnist who gets paid to do what you do freely. Just a thought on whether the “fantasy experts” advice should decide all your decisions.

Who is this Lance Berkman

Posted: April 18, 2011 in General

Lance Berkman is a former 30HR 100RBI guy for the Houston Astros who fell off the map last year.  I drafted him last year hoping he wound put up a solid 25hr 75 rbi line, but was slapped in the face first by Houston’s inept offense, and then by Lance himself.  Though his playing time was a bit limited with the Yankees he put up such atrocious stats that he was considered to be moved off their playoff roster.  In other words the downside slide had begun into a freefall for Lance.  He was not even drafted in most leagues this spring yet his start of a 308 avg 6hr and 13 rbi has killed his Yankee stats from last year in half the at-bats.  Is this a mirage or should we ride this train to the promised land.  If you started Berkman last week no doubt you would have reaped some major rewards especially after his 2HR day on Friday.  Most people aren’t giving up yet on their prized draft possessions so it may be a bit early to trade him away for a slow starting slugger.  For now i say ride the wave, and hope he continues his hot start for a week or two the 
re-evaluate your opponents rosters and let the trades fly.

Bumgarner Blues

Posted: April 16, 2011 in General

Yes it’s true I have the Madison Bumgarner blues.  One of the young flame throwers I drafted hasn’t panned out so far getting shelled for a season ERA of 9.  He starts this Sunday and let’s hope we can take something positive out of it.  I like to draft an ace or two like Josh Johnson, and then go for young up and coming pitchers with high K/9 ratios like Bumgarner and Daniel Hudson which so far this season hasn’t worked according to plan.  Hudson had 10 k’s yesterday but gave up a lot of runs.  With pending decisions coming up next week and my catcher on the DL I may have no choice but to fire one of them for a backup catcher.  I don’t want to do it and hopefully I can get him back, but it is unlikely.  Pitchers can bounce back look at Cole Hamels first and second starts for proof of this.  So come on Madison Sunday is your day so don’t blow it.

Joe Mauer to the DL

Posted: April 15, 2011 in General

The DL bug has started to impact my team.  Joe Mauer is the latest casualty to the list.  Streaming cacthers for him until he gets back here are a few good ok options Carlos Ruiz and Nick Hundley.  Currently Hundley is posting better numbers and he has moved hopefully permanently to the 5th spot in the lineup out of the dreaded 8th spot in NL lineups.  This most likely will only be a few weeks fix as Mauer is on  DL with sore knees, but you never know.  The DL bug also struck those with Josh Hamilton last week.  If you own Hamilton it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he landed on the DL.  In most leagues you have a DL spot or two to play with so now is a great time to use him.  With catchers there are only a few elite options and most likely Russell Martin has already been snatched up, side note to this is to keep an eye out for Jesus Montero.  It seems he has a pretty tough job to crack into the Yankees lineup with Posada and martin both playing solid so maybe a trade is in order.  Yankesss could use some pitching help so look for Montero to be thrown around in trades.  The injury bug happens to every diligent manager in baseball, and unlike football where a star player out for a few weeks can cripple your season baseball offers time to catch up.  Get well soon Joe.